18 junho, 2018

John Wick TV Series Should Begin Recordings in 2019

"Starz's The Continental is set to be recorded in 2019, probably in early 2019. The series will focus on the upscale hotel, The Continental, which serves as a safe haven for the killers."

Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy) will sign the script and act as executive producer if the series is made official. Chad Stahelski, who directed the first John Wick, is also part of the producer team alongside Derek Kolstad. Stahelski must drive the pilot.

John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill, the second part of the film franchise, deepened the worldwide reach of The Continental, a hotel chain that serves as a haven for assassins. No "business" is allowed on hotel property, and Wick faces the consequences of violating this rule.

The first two films made more than $ 250 million around the world and both had a low cost for the studio. In addition, the lengths have been praised by critics.

Written by: Omelete.com.br

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