22 maio, 2018

Are you going to get a tattoo? Enjoy the cooler seasons

It's autumn, and the temperature begins to fall. This is a good reason to start planning your tattoo because the healing process requires that the tattooed area is not exposed to the sun. To ensure the good result, then, nothing better than making the ornament when it is cold and the temptations to show the drawing on the beach and the pool are far away. Exposure to sunrays can cause reabsorption of pigments leaving the tattoo looking faded and aged, and increase the risk of skin problems.

According to tattoo artist Diogo Prandini (Dio), owner-owner of 33 Home Studio, the search for tattoos is greater in the heat, but not always the client has the patience to wait the healing period. "Choosing the cold, in these cases, is more appropriate, we do not expose our skin as much as in the summer. In any case, it is also necessary to take into account some special care, because a lot of clothes covering the area also makes it difficult to heal. "

In addition to the sun, frequent cleaning prevents infections. Adequate sanitization is important prior to changing the plastic film and using specific tattoo ointment to prevent skin infections.

Regardless of the time of year, still, when you go to get a tattoo, always remember to choose a good professional, see your work, know the studio and ask any questions before scheduling the procedure. "Be aware of the conditions of the establishment and how often cleaning is done. It is essential that the place is sanitized before and after use, "Dio points out.

About 33 Home Studio

Located in São Paulo (SP), besides bringing talented professionals and experts in different drawing techniques, the tattoo and body piercing studio stands out for the familiar and welcoming environment, designed to receive parents with children and even pets. With a different concept, Giovanna Cima, Diogo Prandini and Lucas Felipe, partners of the establishment, created a space with the purpose of establishing bonds of friendship with the clients, so that they return not only to tattoo or to drill again, but also to play video games, have coffee, watch a movie or have a chat.

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