24 abril, 2018

Adidas creation of football shirts with plastic removed from beaches and coasts

Earth Day happens every year on April 22, since its inception in 1970. While the date focuses on many different environmental issues, in recent years plastic pollution and its drastic consequences have been at the forefront.

Originated in the United States, Earth Day originated is now celebrated as a way to improve the longevity of our planet in terms of unnecessary dumping of toxic waste. Some brands like Adidas are doing their part. The sports brand has partnered with Parley for the Oceans - a creative force dedicated to protecting the oceans - to create a limited edition of uniforms for the 23 Major League Soccer teams, the premier Canada.

The uniforms are made of plastic from garbage found on beaches and coastal communities that have been reclaimed before reaching the ocean, then reworked in technical fibers that can be used for clothing or footwear. They will be available for purchase from Adidas and Major League Soccer online stores.

"In partnership with Adidas, we are excited to bring the MLS Parley kits to all 23 clubs as part of this season's MLS Works Greener Goals initiative," said JoAnn Neale, administrative and social responsibility director for Major League Soccer.

The partnership between MLS, Adidas and Parley represents all that is beneficial in cause-based collaborations: innovation, consumer reach, consumer interest range. The partnership is also dedicated to establishing new industry standards with a focus on creativity and collaboration.

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